What: Hispanic Consumers have a Distinct Pattern of Online Social Behaviors according to a ShareThis, Unilever and Mindshare Research.
Why it matters: Hispanic Consumers are less likely to use Pinterest and Twitter for sharing content. This reflects a preference to share content across more personal curated social channels. Younger Hispanics are similar to their non-Hispanic counterparts, as they share on mobile and use Twitter or Pinterest as often as they do.

consumersSharethis, in partnership with Mindshare and Unilever, has released a research study analyzing the online social behavior of Hispanic consumers, what they share online, how they share it, who they influence, and how sharing relates to offline purchases.

The Hispanic community is the fastest-growing consumer group in the US, with a great social and influential audience across the web and on mobile devices.

Sharing is a direct measure of consumer interest and intent, reason why the report included four months of sharing insights from more than 42 million users and nearly 70 million shares. Key findings include:

  •  Hispanic consumers are more social: Hispanic consumers share five times more often than non-Hispanic users, and content shared by Hispanic consumers is 35 percent more likely to be clicked on than content shared by the non-Hispanic population.
  • They are less likely to use Pinterest and Twitter for sharing content: Hispanic consumers are as likely to use either email or blogging channels such as Tumblr and Blogger. This shows a preference to share content across more personal curated social channels.
  • Hispanic consumers read content on mobile devices, but they’re generally less inclined to share on these devices: Mobile makes up 17 percent of total content consumption, but only 7 percent of sharing activity.
  • However, mobile sharing behavior increases with younger generations. Younger Hispanics share on mobile as much as their non-Hispanic counterparts, and use Twitter and Pinterest just as often..
  •  Hispanic consumers are twice as likely to purchase the kinds of products they share about compared to non-Hispanic consumers who are only 1.3 times as likely to make a purchase compared to what they share online.

Mark Potts, Head of Insights at Mindshare said “By drawing insights from actual behavior rather than self-reporting, we are able to help companies like Unilever better reach Hispanic consumers and drive impactful social campaigns. This is the future of strategic insight generation”

“Understanding how Hispanics socially engage helps us to create more effective marketing campaigns for our brands,” said Russel Lilly, Marketing Director, Multicultural Marketing Team, Unilever.

“Regardless of social channel, sharing is the purest expression of interest-based activity that gives us the intelligence we need to make our media planning more efficient,” Gail Tifford, Senior Director, North American Media, Unilever added.



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