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Political Ad Campaigns: Targeted Victory partners with Pulpo Media

Targeted Victory, an audience-driven technology company that specializes in programmatic media buying,has partnered with Hispanic digital platform Pulpo Media.


What: Audience-driven technology company Targeted Victory has partnered with Hispanic digital platform Pulpo Media by adding Hispanic Data to the Targeted Victory Audience Exchange.
Why it matters: Through the agreement, data and audience segments from Pulpo Media will be added to Targeted Victory’s Audience Exchange marketplace.The partnership is mostly aimed to target Hispanic voters, traditionally a demographic with low voting participation,  digitally in upcoming election campaigns and recognizes that a modern targeted  political advertising campaign must account for Hispanic demographics, across acculturation levels and digital devices.

 Portada interviewed Pulpo media’s Maria Lopez-Knowles on this partnership.

descargadescarga (1)Targeted Victory, an audience-driven technology company that specializes in programmatic media buying, has partnered with Hispanic digital platform Pulpo Media.

Through this agreement, data and audience segments from Pulpo Media will be added to Targeted Victory’s Audience Exchange marketplace. These new audience segments are available to self-service Targeted Engagement users and full-service Targeted Victory clients.

Maria_Lopez_Knowles_Pulpo_Media-1380102749Portada talked to Maria Lopez-Knowles, CMO at PULPO MEDIA, on this recent agreement:

Portada: Can you explain what an Audience Exchange marketplace means as opposed to an Ad-Exchange? Is Targeted Victory’s specialty in political audiences?

Maria Lopez-Knowles: “Ad exchange is a platform that facilitates bidding of online media ad inventory from multiple ad networks. Audience exchange is a platform that ensures that the most appropriate audience is served up an ad based on in-depth knowledge of that audience or consumer, including historical and/or transactional information about said consumer. It connects the most propended consumer with the most appropriate messaging.Yes, Targeted Victory’s specialty is indeed in political audiences.”

Portada: We understand that this partnership is mostly geared to find accurate means to target Hispanic voters digitally. Is that the case and why?

Maria Lopez-Knowles: “Absolutely. Digital Hispanics are overwhelmingly active online and it is the medium where they have found their voice. We see it across the board. Our acculturation model allows advertisers to not only target them more effectively, but message to an audience based on acculturation level – ensuring that it resonates with that Hispanic consumer in order to drive an affective brand connection, engagement, and advocacy.”

Portada: What election campaigns coming up in the U.S. are particularly prone to have strong political advertising targeting the Hispanic demographic?

Maria Lopez-Knowles: “Mid-term elections are going to be significant. That said, any Senate, House, Gubernatorial or Presidential election is critical for Hispanic voters and all should participate. 17% of the U.S. population is Hispanic. Their voices need to be heard.”

Portada: Do you think digital advertising can be a good remedy to increase the low Hispanic participation rate at elections?

Maria Lopez-Knowles : “Absolutely. We know that online Hispanics, our (i)Hispanic segment, are comprised primarily of influencers. They are persuasive and actively involved in interpreting, demystifying, and translating for their foreign-born family and friends – this includes political issues. Reaching and touching them allows advertisers to drive greater advocacy. This co-branding, if you will, facilitates message reception and total Hispanic market return.”


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