How do you take a national brand that spends tons of marketing dollars in national advertising to be effective at the local level?

The question does not have an easy, straightforward answer. But national advertisers Clorox, Novartis and DirecTV agreed that digital offers a pretty good way to reach -and track the effectiveness of a local campaign. “Local activation is extremely important, because it lets you measure success and then help you figure out how to take a strategy to other markets… or not,” said Steve Millerman, director Cross Cultural Marketing at Novartis, at Portada’s 6th Annual Hispanic Advertising and Media Conference in New York.

David Cardona, multicultural marketing manager at Clorox, agreed, though, he said local advertising is not only labor intensive, but it requires a lot more resources to reach a market at a local level. Cardona put Clorox’ brand of charcoal Kingsford as an example of a product that cannot be marketed massively at a national level in winter time. “You are not going to sell BBQ to New Yorkers in the middle of winter,” says Cardona.

Cardona took the opportunity to give the audience a ‘sneak peak’ to the company’s centennial strategy (Clorox is turning 100 years in 2013,) which will leverage what it has indentified as four key pillars to the brand strategy: Sustainability, affordability, health & wellness and multicultural.

Connecting local and National Communications

For panelist Emma Velez-Lopez, director of acquisition marketing and Hispanic advertising at DirecTV, the most critical part is to connect your local with your national communication but, the most important thing is, of course, to be able to measure it. “For a brand like a DirecTV, we do this in a number of ways: Identifying a phone number; using a promo key-code, asking analytics about the impact you had in a specific market, etc.” Digital, however, has worked wonders, mostly because it is less expensive, and easier to track. But not only that. “You can use the power of social media to help [users] interact with your brand; promoting shows and entertainment instead of a hard sell.”

Local advertising, said panelists, is also effective when it comes to targeting subsegments within the Hispanic segment. DirecTV for example uses it a lot to pitch programs or networks hailing from different Latin American countries to speak to each demographic at a local level.

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