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Interview: Roberto Ramos, CEO of Vox-Profero, on the digital and Latam push

Digital agency Profero, just announced that it has invested in the Vox Collective, to build a new digital centric agency targeting the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. The new agency is called VoxProfero.


Digital agency Profero, just announced that it has invested in the Vox Collective, to build a new digital centric agency targeting the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. The new agency is called VoxProfero.

The transaction is interesting because on one hand it reflects how a traditional Hispanic agency is clearly embracing the digital realm. A logic but not that frequent occurrence among Hispanic ad agencies. On the other hand, it shows how traditionally U.S. Hispanic oriented agencies can also be used to target the Latin American space.

Portada caught up with Roberto Ramos, President & CEO and Co-Founder, of The Vox Collective now Vox Profero to talk about Vox Profero’s future.

Portada: Vox Collective was not a digital centric agency, what prompted the “digital centric” move?

Roberto Ramos, President & CEO and Co-Founder, of The Vox Collective-Vox Profero: “We’ve always been inherently digital, but our digital capabilities could use a boost. That is one of the reasons why this partnership makes so much sense to us. Besides the fact that we love Profero’s work and have a close relationship with their leadership, their digital prowess takes us to a whole new level. We’re confident the mix of what we bring to the table is quite unique in the Hispanic space. With Profero’s investment we are ready to take our digital work to the next level.”

P: We understand that Vox Collective was not buying media for most clients, will that change now?

R.R.: “We’re confident that our understanding of the Latino consumer, creative capabilities, along with Profero’s analytical offerings and tools make us a compelling proposition for integrated media planning and buying. We’ll continue to leverage this with existing and potential clients. Our digital planning and buying capabilities are now world class, so this will be an area that we will offer to client partners immediately.”

P: We also understand that you now will also be looking into the Latam market (or service clients that are interested in that market), what prompted this change (we understand that you were mostly looking at the USH market up till now)?

R.R.: “ As Profero looks for continued global growth, Latin America is a logical focus. The creation of Vox Profero will help push into a region whose online population is growing faster than any other global region and where social media reaches 88% of internet users. For several years now, we have been taking steps to address Latin America, taking US brands there, and helping companies in Mexico, Brazil and other countries bring their brands to the US. This coincides with Profero’s global goals. ”

Portada: Do you have examples of Latam campaigns?

R.R.: “ The most recent Latin American initiative was the full creative campaign for a Mexican lucha libre (wrestling) video game, Heroes del Ring for videogame publisher Konami. We did the entire campaign in Mexico, for the Mexican, U.S. Hispanic, and mainstream U.S. markets. The goal now is to explore other opportunities in the region. For Macy’s we’re tapping Brazilian culture, beauty, fashion and design for their current campaign, Journey to Brasil. I’ve traveled extensively to help build the program and be help craft the creative narrative. We hope to be a strong offering for the increasing number of Latin American companies that are stepping confidently in the global stage.”

Portada: Smirnoff and Western Union are Profero clients. Do you plan to do USH work for them going forward?

R.R.: We want to explore opportunities for growing organically with our existing clients. Western Union and Diageo are clients that could benefit from an integrated approach. Much like Vonage will gain from our consolidated offering, we expect other brands to see the benefit of jointly tapping our strategic expertise with the Latino consumer and Profero’s unparalleled mastery in global digital.”

Portada: What are the current clients of VoxProfero and for which services?

R.R.: Vonage: Hispanic AOR providing Advertising, Creative, Marketing, Media Planning

Macy’s: Hispanic AOR providing Strategic Planning, Advertising, Creative

PepsiCo: Hispanic AOR for Corporate Strategic Communications – PR / Creative Projects

General Motors: Hispanic AOR for Corporate Diversity / PR

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