Per Scholas, a New York non-profit that sells refurbished computers to lowincome families at a deep discount, is targeting a significant number of customers with direct mail. The charity sends packages of brochures to teachers at low-income schools. The teachers then pass brochures on to their students. Per Scholas sends out 8,000 direct mail packages yearly in the New York area. Each package contains about 25 brochures.
This approach reduces mailing costs considerably since Per Scholas does not mail the packages to each family individually. The non-profit organization increased its direct mail activity when it entered the Chicago and Detroit markets during the last back-to school shopping season.

More Spanish-language inbound calls
Per Scholas's direct marketing campaign has lead to an increase in the volume of incoming calls. Per Scholas recently hired Signius, a division of AnswerNet in Princeton, NJ, to handle its inbound orders. Signius provides bilingual call support from a center in Miami. About 10% of the inbound orders are in Spanish and about 95% of the agents at the Miami call center are bilingual.


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