HP Hones Tech-Strategy to Cater to and Track Hispanics

Tech giant Hewlett-Packard has stepped up its Hispanic-focused sales and marketing efforts with tracking programs that identify the different points of interaction Hispanic consumers have with their brand.

“This begins when the consumer first visits our site by storing their IP info or when they call and are assigned an ID tag,” says Katherine Haley, Hispanic marketing manager at HP.

The company has found that many Hispanic consumers first encounter their products online, but for a variety of reasons, decide to actually make the purchase through an 800 number or at a retail location.  “For some, it’s about feeling more comfortable dealing with a person who they can talk to, while for others it’s due to security concerns about identity theft and the like.”

Given this cross-platform interaction, Haley says that HP has adopted a strategy of consistent messaging and offers that span online, broadcast and in-store marketing efforts to keep Hispanic consumers engaged. She also noted the importance of having Spanish-language information available across the various platforms noting that the company has experienced higher Hispanic click-through rates when the material is in Spanish.

HP is also installing viral elements into its online promotional materials to leverage Hispanic interconnectedness and strong tendency to share information with one another.