How large is the Hispanic Newspaper Online Advertising Market?

Spanish-language newspaper websites still have a very small share of overall Hispanic online advertising. Websites like,,, and Starmedia are ad revenue leaders.

In the general market, in 2005 online newspaper advertising amounted to US$ 2 billion a year or approximately 5% of the US$ 40 billion general market newspaper advertising market.

Portada® estimates that the Hispanic newspaper market advertising market volume in 2005 was approximately US $400 million a year (US $325 million local advertising and US $75 million national advertising). The Hispanic Internet is less developed and particularly the readers of Spanish-language websites often still lack e-mail access. This ratio implies that probably 1% – 2% of total Hispanic newspaper advertising is advertising bought at these newspapers websites (between US $4 and US $8 million).

Hispanic Digital Network, a company that sells advertising on Hispanic newspaper websites recently announced a deal with Diario Las Americas, the first daily newspaper to be a part of its network.

Diario Las Americas, The Miami-based daily (The Americas Publishing Company, Spanish, Circ. 70,000), is announcing the roll-out of a spanish language news and entertainment website to serve Spanish-dominant Latinos. Deputy Editor and Publisher Alejandro J Aguirre stated that the website will be an intereactive user experience distinct from their print brand.

The launch is a two-phase effort. During phase one, users will be able to access late-breaking news, real-time weather reports, and rich media advertising formats with geo-targeting capabilities. Phase two will consist of paid searchable archives, a user registration system, online classifieds and more.

The website was produced in conjunction with Hispanic Digital Network (HDN), which currently hosts 74 Hispanic publication websites. HDN handles all online advertising sales for its member publications.