Gevalia Direct Mails to Hispanics

Gevalia Kaffe, based in Tarrytown, NY, mailed out its first offer exclusively targeting Hispanics all over the U.S. Another mailing will follow in early April. A total of 400,000 people will be mailed, more in the first drop than the second. Some names will receive Spanish-only mail, others bilingual. Gevalia is the leading Direct-to-consumer coffee brand in the U.S. It markets its products through direct mail (mostly continuity clubs), Internet, catalogues and telemarketing initiatives.

The brand is called Gevalia Kaffe in its marketing material.Kraft Foods' Gevalia Kaffe this week marks its first dedicated foray into the U.S. Hispanic market with a direct mail test aimed to get that ethnic audience into buying coffee by mail.

The company is targeting partially acculturated and unacculturated U.S. Hispanics. Gevalia is offering two half-pound boxes of Gevalia coffee for $10 and get a $99 retail value stainless steel coffee maker for free.

Consumers who respond to the initial offer, which includes free shipping and handling, automatically will receive monthly supplies of Gevalia coffee unless they indicate otherwise. They also can buy and pay per shipment. And they can opt out from this continuity coffee club by calling or going online.

Gevalia rented lists of Hispanic mail order buyers. Estee Marketing Group, New Rochelle, NY, acted as Gevalia's list broker.