Getty Images Talks to Portada about Latino Stock Imagery

“Creating pictures for the Latino market has been on our agenda for the last eight years. Talking about the size and growth of the Latino market and the need for imagery has been a feature at each of our photographer's workshops since 2000,” says Mollie McWhinnie, a communications manager at Getty Images. Even so, she says, the company has not tasked any of its photographers with generating only Hispanic imagery: “In order to provide a wide variety of style and choice for our customers, we have not identified any photographers to solely focus on building Latino imagery,” she says.

McWhinnie also underscored the company’s sense of urgency in building up a larger database of Latino imagery: “Each year, we set ourselves a goal to do accomplish two things: recruit more Latino photographers and create more Latino imagery.” The company’ three creative offices in the US are in NYC, LA and Seattle. Each of the teams located in each office works with a number of different photographers to produce imagery relevant to the Latino market.

Ms. McWhinnie also commented on the company’s Creativisimo initiative that it launched last year: “¡Creativísimo! seeks to foster an ongoing dialogue toward a more complete understanding of the current and future needs for Latino imagery in the United States.  It also serves as a sounding board for Getty Images to ensure we are creating relevant and diverse photography that resonates true to the U.S. Latino market. Whether it is through panel meetings or other vehicles, we will continue the dialogue with the Latino creatives to maintain our focus.”


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