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impreMedia/IM Studio ñ: From Media Company to Marketing Agency?

ImpreMedia announces the creation of IM Studio ñ, its in-house marketing solutions service provider.


What: impreMedia recently announced the creation of IM Studio ñ, its in-house marketing solutions service provider.
Why it matters: More media companies are starting to open their own marketing solutions divisions as part of their growth strategies.

Jeffrey Duque
Jeffrey Duque, VP of client solutions at IM Studio ñ.

For years the media company impreMedia has been providing specialized content for Hispanic audiences in the U.S. through different print and digital brands such as La Opinión, El Diario and La Prensa. But since 2014, the team started receiving requests to create personalized solutions for marketing agencies and their clients and become a sort of personal publisher. “We soon realized that there was a huge opportunity in this market,” remembers Jeffrey Duque, VP of client solutions at IM Studio ñ.

“Since we are experienced in generating content, we saw the chance to offer agencies and their clients the opportunity to generate content for them and help them create their own media,” ads Duque. With this goal in mind, IM Studio ñ was launched in January 2015 to become an in-house marketing solutions service provider, specialized in the Hispanic and multicultural market.

As a marketing solutions service provider, IM Studio ñ works as an independent institution, separate from impreMedia. For example, when planning a client’s media buy, impreMedia is just one more option, and is not given any special preference. “We offer a lot more thab just our own media,” says Duque

Also, once the strategy and the campaign are built, it becomes property of the client. They get to use what IM Studio ñ creates as they wish, and with whomever they want. “When, for example, we write a story in form of native advertisement, they can sell it to any other paper or content provider: it doesn’t have to be published on impreMedia’s pages,” he explains.

To create a broader impact when building a campaign, the agency is aiming to work with a similar model like that of Buzzfeed. According to Duque, Buzzfeed analyzes the distribution points first, and then uses that insight to create content. “We are not there yet, but we are looking at the same strategy.”

To make sure their campaigns are working, the team is very passionate about measuring every phase. “It is very important to measure the whole process so you can make sure you are having the impact you are looking for. This is also why we offer flexibility to make sure we are meeting those KPIs,” explains Duque.

After little more than one year in operation, one of the challenges the agency faces is to differentiate itself from its mother company. “The relationship with impreMedia is good because it has opened so many doors for us. But at the same time, it is also hard to differentiate ourselves and make it clear that we are not trying to sell media, but that we are here to sell marketing solutions. It is a process of evangelizing what we are doing,” explains Duque.

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