Focus on: E-Mail Marketing vs. Direct Mail

A Q&A with Vincent Andaloro, president of Latin-Pak.

Q: In what way does Hispanic e-mail marketing
differ from direct mail campaigns targeting Hispanics?

A: Approx 30% of general market customers are on email opt-in databases, that number is slightly lower for the Hispanic market. Thus a true targeted Hispanic direct marketing program can include emails, however it will never replace print direct marketing at least in our lifetime. The choices and targeting capabilities for emails is bit larger than mail databases since the opt-in scenario allows recipients to explain more about themselves, their likes, desires etc… With the onset and growth of electronic marketing it is only appropriate that Latin-pak offer clients a rounded approach to marketing that can reach Hispanics from all walks of life; Hispanics that are online as well as those who are not via direct mail and other print vehicles.

Q: To what extent does e-mail marketing rise response rate of direct mail?

A: Well not sure it rises the direct mail response but it certainly enhances the advertising message being delivered to the recipient.Back to the first answer less then 30% of Hispanic are on opt in email databases so email can only reach a small percentage in our opinion.

It is also known that only 60% of Hispanics are banked meaning they utilize some type of financial product home loans, cars loans, credit cards, bank accounts, student loans and more. This places them on a mail database, at the same time 40% are unbanked which is why fsi's and door to door lend themselves to these reaching this group of Hispanics.

Emails reach those Hispanics that are online, that have responded to being on an opt-in email list to receives offers and opportunities via their email address. So email can assist a direct mail program when the recipient receives both snail mail and email at the same time or week.

It is similar when we see ad's in newspapers in the morning when that evening we watch the TV commercial of the same product. Using advertising mediums together to build on the message and get the viewer to pay attention to the ad's.

Q: What advertisers, in what categories, do you have lined up for your email marketing program?

A: “Latin-Pak has had the opportunity to develop and execute email campaigns for car companies, entertainment companies, banks, and telecom companies.

As emails grow additional types of companies will be utilizing this medium and as in any advertising medium the advertiser needs to know it works and moves the needle to the expectations the advertisers expects.