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Cox Media Group to Sell Newspaper Mundo Hispánico

Cox Media Group (CMG) announced plans to sell the Mundo Hispánico newspaper, which serves as metro Atlanta's largest Spanish-language newspaper.


What: Cox Media Group (CMG) announced plans to sell the Mundo Hispánico newspaper.
Why it matters: Mundo Hispanico serves as metro Atlanta’s largest Spanish-language newspaper.

Launched in 1979, Mundo Hispánico has served Atlanta’s Hispanic community for 39 years. Nonetheless, Cox Media Group (CMG) has announced its intentions to find a new owner to take over Mundo Hispánico’s operations both online and offline. CMG also announced plans to sell Southern Kitchen, the company’s first e-commerce website launched in 2017.

“Mundo Hispánico and Southern Kitchen are strong brands and —based on the interest we’ve seen from advertisers, customers and other industry players— we are working to identify new owners that are positioned to build on their success,” said CMG President Kim Guthrie.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution purchased Mundo Hispanico in 2004 and rapidly expanded the publication’s digital reach through The Mundo Hispanico vertical brand has cultivated a strong social media presence that includes more than 4.5 million Facebook followers and MiMundo communities that focus on topics such as fashion and money.

Mundo Hispánico is the third most popular Spanish-language news website in the U.S., serving cities like Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Miami. In 2014, it partnered with local search provider YaSabe to form Mundo Local.






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