…by Banding Together and Expanding Distribution Platforms

Big national advertisers don’t have the time to negotiate hundreds of placement deals with small newspapers: For smaller community newspapers, Band together to get advertiser attention, whether that means forming an association with other papers or joining a rep firm: 

  • Marsha Lawrence, Senior Manager of Strategy and Analytics, Best Buy: “When we’re looking to place, we’re looking for maximum penetration, getting the most targeted eyeballs on our ads. We need to do this quickly and efficiently and I can tell you right now that if we need to sit down with 67 different newspapers, that’s just not going to happen.” 

It is no longer enough to be simply a print entity or just a website. Increasingly, advertisers want 360 degree integrated exposure for their campaigns, so offering multiplatform content distribution can be a powerful incentive for those advertisers to place in your vehicle:

  • Jacqueline Hernandez-Fallous, Publisher, People en Español: “We’re not just a magazine anymore. We have a research component in our “Hot Study” (Done in conjunction with Synnovate), we have the online destination, which not only includes our offline content but also includes a host of interactive features, such as the ability to stream new CDs over your internet browser, and other features.”
  • Erich Linker, SVP National Advertising Sales, Impremedia: “These days, it doesn’t cut it to be only in print. Omnipresence is key, which was one of the reasons behind launching Impremedia Digital.”
  • Jacques Hart, Commercial Director, Televisa: “Given the fact that we do offer 360 degree exposure for our content and advertising, distributing content across print, digital, and mobile platforms, we really focus our energy on making sure that content reaches the intended audiences using the most appropriate channels.”