AP strengthens Spanish-language service

As part of its goal to improve services for ethnic publications, the Associated Press is bolstering its Spanish-language service. The AP's main hubs for Spanish-language services are in Mexico City and New York. “We have workers building two new desks in Mexico City (in English and Spanish), and I am beginning to hire my staff,” said Niko Price, the AP's Latin America editor, who is responsible for the AP's entire Spanish-language service. “Once we're up and running we will have two new editing desks in Mexico City handling the entire region, one in each language. That's in addition to our New York office.”

…and breaks down national boundaries

“Our goal is to break down national boundaries so that we can offer news that is interesting to readers regardless of where it occurs,” explained Price. In terms of the type of content most in demand by Hispanics, Price said they want more entertainment news and more consistent sports coverage. “To that end, we are hiring a new entertainment editor and a new sports editor. Both will be based in Mexico City.”

The Associated Press has had Spanish-language services since 1952. The AP Spanish for Print has 22 bureaus throughout Latin America, Spanish-speaking reporters in several areas of the U.S. and offers 60-80 Spanish-language stories daily, plus entertainment briefs, market coverage, business briefs and weather. The AP also offers sports coverage (particularly, soccer and baseball), including summaries of Hispanic players' performances in MLB games and broad coverage of Latin American soccer leagues. The AP also offers 50-75 photographic images daily with captions in Spanish.