Last weeks AdWeek festivities concluded with a session called simply “Hispanic 2.0”.

The purpose was to examine the best ways to reach second generation Hispanics.

The panelists included: Maria Lopez-Knowles, Senior Vice President, MRM Worldwide; Joe Santa, Senior Art Director, Corbis; Gonzalo Perez, Director of Multicultural Research and Consumer Insights, MTV Networks; Chris Velasco, Director, Branded Entertainment, MSN.

The prevailing theory was unsurprisingly that online was the best venue to reach these younger 2nd generation Hispanics. MTV’s Gonzalo Perez warned not to let the target’s ethnicity blind the advertiser to all else: “The important thing to remember is that Hispanic youth are young first. So that is where we see the entry point—marketing to the young person; then, we start to hit the cultural touch-points that stem from being Latino.”

In terms of what the future holds in reaching out to acculturated Hispanics, MSN’s Chris Velasco noted, “It’s going to be all about giving them the content they want, when, where and how they want to receive it. On the marketing side, it’s going to follow the same framework, moving more toward a personalized, one-on-one paradigm.

Corbis’ Joe Santa said that authenticity of messaging is crucial. “Our research people regularly head out in to the neighborhoods to get a sense of the social climate and slang that is being used. Ultimately, it helps us serve the target better.”

Maria Lopez-Knowles, of San Francisco-based MRM Worldwide, stressed that mobile marketing is going to really take off in the coming years. “Apart from that, I think advertisers are going to take a look into the family structure of the target, trying to ascertain what their needs are and how to meet them. Hispanics families are so interconnected that this approach really makes a lot of sense.”


Portada Staff

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