Digital Advertising: Ad-Tech and Data Providers enter U.S. Hispanic Market

Traditionally online advertising intermediation in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets has been done through Online Ad Networks.  Lately, mostly U.S. headquartered more sophisticated players like Digilant or Turn, have entered the space. Their main emphasis lies in the implementation of digital advertising campaigns based on the analysis of (real time) data.

Exciting times for Advertising Technology and Data Management Platforms in the U.S. Hispanic market. While in the U.S.  the digital advertising ecosystem has had DSPs (Demand side platforms), SSPs (Supply Side platforms) and  DMP’s (Data Management Platforms) for some time, in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets,  these more sophisticated players are only now entering the space.

Relatively recent entrants include Boston-based Digilant, which has also offices in Mexico City and Miami,  and Turn.  Turn recently introduced a Hispanic unit based out of Miami and already has a dedicated client services team in place.  “We currently reach 96% of the US/Hispanic market with a three-tiered targeting approach: 1-reaching audiences by browser language, 2-custom site lists and 3-custom behavioral targeting segments through third-party data vendors like AddThis and eXelate, ” a Turn spokeswoman tells Portada.  “We’ve actually just began working with Batanga an ad network through our partner Appnexus,” she adds.  For Latin America Turn has a partnership with HarrenMedia.

Turn  is both a DSP and a DMP: Turn’s DSP – Turn Campaign Suite and DMP – Turn Audience Suite are two separate products that sit on the Turn Cloud Marketing Platform “to deliver the real-time insights needed to transform the way leading advertising agencies and marketers make better decisions and reach and influence target audiences.”

Specifically, Turn Campaign Suite allows marketers to communicate with their target audience through cross-channel campaigns, whether it’s display, video, mobile, or social. It also helps marketers plan, optimize, and analyze online campaign activities in real-time.  Turn Audience Suite, on the other hand, helps marketers discover desired audiences by taking online, offline, first-party and third-party data and bringing it into one place.

(Real Time) Data is the raw material of these platforms. It is needed to predict consumer behavior, deliver personalized advertising and foster long-term customer engagement.

Real Time – Data and Bidding…

Data is the raw material of these platforms.  US/Hispanic-specific data is available across the nation for multi-channel campaigns on video, mobile, display and social. This data is needed to predict consumer behavior, deliver personalized advertising and foster long-term customer engagement for increased ROI.

…Integration with Ad-Exchanges

These DMPs and DSPs also work as ad agencies  in the sense that they manage media planning and buying and sometimes also the creative. They are also integrated with Ad-exchanges that cover all types of online advertising including video, mobile, display, and Facebook inventory. Some of these ad-exchanges include  AdX, Admeld, Brightroll, Liverail, Nexage, OpenX, Pubmatic, Rubicon, and Facebook Exchange. Pubmatic, which also works as an SSP, is also entering the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. So is Open X, which is placing particular emphasis on entering the Brazilian market.