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Entravision Becomes 100% Owner of Cisneros Interactive, HCode Financed, Kiwilimon-Mundo Hispanico Partnership…

Entravision Now 100% Owner of Cisneros Interactive, HCode Financed, Kiwilimon-Mundo Hispanico Partnership......Companies get bought and sold, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.


Entravision Now 100% Owner of Cisneros Interactive, HCode Financed, Kiwilimon-Mundo Hispanico Partnership……Companies get bought and sold, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.


Entravision, 100% Owner of Cisneros Interactive

Cisneros InteractiveEntravision acquired the remaining 49% interest in Cisneros Interactive. Entravision now owns 100% of Cisneros Interactive, having first acquired a majority stake in the company in October 2020.  Cisneros Interactive will continue managing the operating business and client outreach, with Victor Kong as its CEO.Cisneros Interactive maintains sales partnerships in 17 Latin American countries, including partnerships with Facebook, Spotify and LinkedIn. The company also offers digital audio solutions and services through the representation of a vast audience reached through 350 publishers.

Victor Kong, CEO, Cisneros Interactive 

With the full ownership of Cisneros Interactive, along with Entravision’s most recent acquisition of MediaDonuts, which added digital capabilities in 7 countries in Asia, digital now comprises 73% of consolidated revenue as of the most recently reported quarter ended June 30, 2021. Digital Segment revenue improved over 1,000% year-over-year to total $130.2 million for the second quarter 2021. “Today’s announcement is a major milestone for the Cisneros Interactive and Entravision team, and I would like to thank them and our partners for making this accomplishment possible,” said Victor Kong, Chief Executive Officer of Cisneros Interactive.

HCode Secures Capital Investment

H Code secured a capital investment to continue to build end-to-end capabilities for publishers and advertisers across both existing and new markets. The investment was backed by Falfurrias Capital Partners (FCP), a Charlotte-based private equity firm focused on growth-oriented, middle-market businesses. In the short term, the capital will be used to develop distinct offerings for various diverse and underrepresented communities.  In June 2021, H Code initiated this strategy with the launch of B Code, media solutions specifically designed for the Black community. As part of the investment, FCP’s Alexander Jutkowitz will join H Code as Executive Chairman. Raised in Chile, then Philly, FCP’s Executive in Residence Alexander Jutkowitz has been an advocate for diverse thinking and innovative content, influencing how today’s marketers and advertisers bring impactful stories to life. H Code also announced that Ad Council President and CEO Lisa Sherman will serve as Board Member.


Kiwilimon and Mundo Hispanico Create Mundo Sabor

Atlanta-based Mundo Hispanico, a Latino-focused digital media company, announced a new partnership with Kiwilimón, a Spanish-speaking digital food platform. The deal will create Mundo Sabor in the United States, bringing Kiwilimón’s  culinary content to Mundo Hispanico’s large American audience. “We’re excited to bring Kiwilimón´s outstanding culinary content to Mundo Hispanico’s large and growing audience,” said Rene Alegria, president and CEO of Mundo Hispano Digital Network, the parent company of Mundo Hispanico.   Mundo will host Kiwilimón on its website (at and promote its content to its user base. Mundo Hispanico has 10 million monthly unique visitors and a social media fan base that exceeds 9 million. “With this and other new partnerships, we are working with like-minded companies to find and develop the best digital content for our Mundo Hispanico family,” Alegria said. With more than 11 years of experience, Kiwilimón is a global leader in food-branded content production. Led by a team of professional chefs, nutritionists, and food stylists, Kiwilimón provides their audience with the highest-quality content and the very best cooking recipes and tips. Within Kiwilimón is a culinary agency, with extraordinary production capabilities for content development, which they tailor to each brand’s individual requirements. The company continues to expand at a fast pace, with a presence in countries all over the world, including the United States, where the Hispanic population is one of the fastest-growing ethnic groups. Kiwilimón has 34 million social media followers, 7.1 million unique users and generates 107 million video views globally. They also work with top tier consumer brands and major retailers, such as Coca-Cola, Disney, Bimbo Bakeries USA, California Almonds, Avocados from Mexico, and many more. The partnership gives Kiwilimón a bigger audience in the U.S., bringing the most delicious recipes of the Latino Kitchen, as well as international cuisine, to the Foodie community here. 

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