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The Why Podcast, Mau Montaner’s new healthy proposal with Ntertain Studios


Mau Montaner will premiere The Why Podcast in Spanish in collaboration with Ntertain Studios, Audio Up Media and Siriusxm.

Ntertain Studios and Audio Up Media recently launched The Why Podcast hosted by international artist Mau Montaner and sponsored by Xfinity Mobile. The podcast features Mau, the recording artist (Mau y Ricky), husband and father, in conversation with his family members, famous friends, and experts in various fields as they look to help each other and listeners find their true purpose, no matter their background, status, or way of living. The WHY Podcast is an extension of Mau’s THE WHY PROJECT designed to help people find fulfillment based on their journey into finding their WHY. THE WHY PROJECT’s products and content are designed to remind you to live in purpose in a practical way every day and to help you see a question as complex as “what is my why” as less intimidating and easier to achieve.

“I am so proud and happy to finally be able to share with you this project that I have had in my heart for several years,” said Mau Montaner. “The Why Podcast talks about the importance of living through your purpose and how to get there, the idea is that we embark on this quest together and help each other out to live life through our WHY.”

The Why Podcast, Mau Montaner's new healthy proposal with Ntertain Studios
Courtesy Ntertain Studios

The WHY Project believes in living a life of purpose

In each episode, Montaner talks with guests from all walks of life about their experiences in searching for their WHY and living with purpose. Guests include Sara Escobar, Ricky Montaner, Ricardo Montaner, Malene Salomé, Camilo, Lety Sahagun & Ashley Frangie from “Se Regalan Dudas” podcast among others.

The show is presented in Spanish and is available on the SiriusXM app, Apple and everywhere podcasts are found. SXM Media, the combined advertising sales group from Sirius XM Holdings Inc., has exclusive global ad sales rights for The WHY Podcast. Through its work with SXM Media, Xfinity Mobile serves as The WHY Podcast’s exclusive sponsor.

Mau’s podcast comes on the heels of a wildly successful first season of the family’s “Los Montaner” Disney+ series, which became the most-watched docu-reality series in Spanish language on the streaming platform and recently won the 2023 award PRODU for Best Non-Scripted Show with Celebrities.

I am so proud and happy to finally be able to share with you this project that I have had in my heart for several years.

The Why Podcast trailer

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