Research: Geotargeting to Hispanic Audiences: Who Leads?

Geotargeting advertising to Hispanic online audiences can target specific states, towns and even zip codes. However, geotargeting on a mass scale happens when online media properties outside the U.S. serve specific ads to U.S. based IP’s. E.g. Argentinean website can show ads from an advertiser wanting to reach a U.S. Hispanic audience when is seen from a U.S. based IP and an ad from a company that wants to reach the Argentinean consumer when seen from an Argentinean IP. The beauty is that these media properties do not necessarily have to produce any new content , but just monetize the often substantial audience they get outside their core market.

Because of the wealth of their Spanish-language content, major media groups in the Spanish speaking world (outside of the U.S.) are competing head to head with U.S. based media properties to monetize their Hispanic audiences. The below ranking of the top 11 online media properties that exclusively reach Hispanic audiences shows three major groups. Periodicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (PAL) is a group of Latin American online properties published by newspapers including Argentinean Earlier this year, Spanish newspaper site El Mundo America joined the group. El Mundo America does have an editorial team in Miami, although a substantial part of its U.S. Hispanic traffic is derived from its sister Spanish-language newspaper

Grupo Diarios America, the Latin American newspaper group that includes Argentina’s La Nacion, Chile’s El Mercurio and Mexico’s El Universal is another major force and recently introduced GDA Digital. So is Spain’s Grupo Prisa, which owns online properties like and 

Finally, Mexicos’ Grupo Televisa has also an important following in the U.S. Mexico’s Televisa does produce some of its content out of the U.S.

Hispanic online Audiences also heavily visit non U.S. based properties

Online Property

Unique Users (in thousands)

Main Target of published Content / Content Production Base

1. Univision



  1. Terra -Telefonica



  1. Yahoo! En Español



  1. PAL


Latin America

  1. MSN Latino



  1. Batanga Network



   7. GDA Digital


Latin America

   8. Orange Sites



  9.  AOL Latino



  10 Grupo Prisa*



   11. Grupo Televisa


Latin America (Mexico)


Source: ComScore August 2011 rankings and Portada
* Source Grupo Prisa citing ComScore data


Next week: Geotargeting to Latin American Audiences

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