The Offer

In its direct mail offer sent out in early April of this year, Gevalia Kaffe ran a promotion offering a free Gevalia coffeemaker to customers placing a single order of four ½ lb. packages of coffee @ $5.55-$7.45 each. The order is set to renew automatically every 6 weeks.

The Mail Piece:

The offer was mailed in package form in a 5.50" x 7.75" envelope. The outer cover includes bilingual messaging. The tagline reads in Spanish: “Porque cafes tan excepcionales merecen una manera de preparer igualmente excepcional,” which translates to “Because coffees this exceptional deserve equally exceptional ways to prepare them.” The offer also boasts the assigned value of the coffeemaker: “Con un Valor de $99. Gratis para Ti. A $99 Dollar Value. Yours Free.” The piece is designedly bilingual, for maximum appeal.

The Product:

Gevalia Kaffe is a sister company of Kraft Foods, offering mail-order coffee and tea, with more than 30 varieties of coffee and 13 varieties of tea. The company also sells an array of household and kitchen appliances on its website, although coffee sales serve as the primary revenue stream. The company did its first Hispanic direct mail campaign in January of 2006, which was mailed out to over 400,000 Hispanic households. It targeted some names on the list with Spanish-only messaging and others with bilingual. The list was comprised of Hispanics who had previously made purchases through direct mail offers.

The Outcome:

While Kraft was unable to speak about the results of the campaign, it is telling that this was their second campaign in two years, so it is reasonable to assume that the initial campaign enjoyed enough success to warrant a second.

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