Los Kitos Signs Representation Deal with United Media

Licensing and syndication company United Media has signed on to represent a direct-to-retail opportunity with Los Kitos (The Toons), a bi-lingual cast of characters that made their original debut in an educational comic strip (“edu-comic”) more than eleven years ago and now are being published in 375 newspapers in seventeen countries. Conceived by Martha Montoya, Los Kitos are also featured on a weekly national radio show in the U.S and in six other countries, and have appeared in a variety of other media and promotional platforms since their 1995 inception.

Los Kitos has an online edition (http://www.loskitos.com) for which they develop content dealing with the sciences, current events and entertainment news. Los Kitos offers this edition to the biggest Spanish-language newspapers in the country, including La Opinion, La Raza, El Diario and the Miami Herald, among others.

Light-hearted but informative approach
Originally created to educate and entertain Spanish-speaking fans of all ages; Los Kitos help children (primarily ages 8-12) understand the workings of the real world by taking a light-hearted but informative approach to important topics such as nutrition, computer science, history, self-esteem, and even world events. Licensing and promotional partners who have joined the Los Kitos bandwagon span a variety of categories including kid's meal promotions, frozen food, bedding, apparel, HBA, stationery and greeting cards.

Expanding portfolio of brands targeting Hispanic market
Partnering with Los Kitos represents another addition to United Media's portfolio of brands that specifically target the growing Hispanic market. The company's initial focus for Los Kitos will be to determine a direct to retail partner who understands the natural affinity for the property within the Hispanic consumer base and will build a program accordingly.

“Retailers are keenly aware that there is significant opportunity in marketing to the substantial and growing Hispanic population in the U.S.,” said Joshua Kislevitz, Senior Vice President, Domestic Licensing at United Media “Los Kitos, an educational, but entertaining, property is already widely known within the U.S. Spanish speaking population, and can be leveraged as a powerful marketing tool when targeting this key market.”

"As a fan of many properties within its portfolio, it is an honor to partner with United Media,” said Martha Montoya, creator of Los Kitos. “With educational and uplifting messages, Los Kitos' roots in the Hispanic culture give us a unique perspective to build upon in the changing US marketplace. We look forward to an exciting collaboration."

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