2007 Increase in Panregional Advertising

Media buying by U.S. and Europe-based advertisers in Latin American media properties has increased notably in the first part of 2007. While 2006 was a relatively good year, in 2007 advertisers are investing in the region because of the continued economic growth and the increased political certainty after election year 2006.

Miguel Chala, Publisher General Interest and Men’s Titles at Televisa Publishing, says that Televisa Publishing’s panregional men’s titles Men’s Health, PC Magazine, Popular Mechanics advertising has increased more than 15% compared to the same period of 2006. Veronica Lizama, Director of Sales at Panregional Business Magazine America Economia, tells Portada that during the January-June 2007 period, advertising increased by over 25% compared to the same period of a year ago.

According to Lezama the increase has been driven by the Logistics/Travel categories, particularly DHL, and Luxury (Piatek Philippe, Cartier and Rolex.) and Finance (Santander, UBS Private Banking). Fifty percent of America Economia’s advertising is originated outside of Latin America, while the remaining 50% is generated by local sales. The magazine has a total circulation of 84,528 (Spanish 54,355 and Brazilian 30,173) has local editions in Chile, Mexico, Brazil (Portuguese) and Central America). In the fall of last year, America Economia launched Luk, a semi-annual publication that focuses that focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and luxury.

Panregional digital media buying is increasing at 15% plus annual rate according to various online media properties contacted by Portada.

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