UPDATE Hemisphere Media Group investment in Remezcla is a Minority Stake

Portada interviewed Katie Melenbrink, Public Relations & Marketing Director at Hemisphere Media Group, Inc on the company’s recent investment in REMEZCLA, a media brand targeting the highly coveted Latino Millennial audience. One of the key questions Melenbrink answered is that the investment was a minority stake. For mostly cable oriented property Hemisphere TV, the investment in REMEZCLA amounts to a content production and Millennial digital ( video) play.

Portada: Can you be more explicit about your investment in REMEZCLA?
K.M: “REMEZCLA has a proven track record of developing compelling, custom-branded content and we are excited to leverage their expertise to bring a digital-first mindset to Hemisphere and gain even greater exposure to a large and fast-growing digital ad market targeting millennials generally and younger Hispanics in particular. Importantly, the investment provides Hemisphere with a digital strategy for its ad sales offering and provides potential cross‐selling opportunities between sales organizations (and intro to Remezcla’s Fortune‐500 clients). We will also leverage Remezcla’s newly‐opened production studio, co‐develop short‐form and long‐form digital video content, which can be utilized across our TV assets and OTT platform.”

Portada:Is it a majority stake or a minority stake?

K.M: “Minority stake.”

Portada: How is Remezcla going to work going forward (e.g. is the management going to change or not/ new strategies etc).?
K.M: “The REMEZCLA management team and strategic priorities will remain unchanged. Though the REMEZCLA sales force and content production arm will work closely with the respective Hemisphere teams to drive synergies.”