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Olympusat Launches Paid YouTube Channels


Olympusat on Monday announced it has launched the first suite of paid, Spanish-language channels available through YouTube, offering U.S. Hispanics low cost, a la carte options U.S. Hispanic audience. The service features Olympusat’s Tus Pix, a portfolio of Spanish-language channels, including CubaPlayTV, a channel offering Cuban programming which is “free of any political influence,” according to the company.

Pricing for each respective channel varies but it ranges from $.99 to $4.99 per channel per month.

“We provide a must-have combination of the best in Spanish-language programming channels that will be easily accessible for all Hispanic consumers via YouTube throughout a multitude of devices,” said Tom Mohler, President and CEO of Olympusat Holdings, in a prepared statement.

The news comes on the heels of YouTube’s official announcement a few days ago that it will charge consumers a monthly subscription for some videos on its site. The Google-owned video site is charging users to pay as little as $.99 a month for individual channels. Netflix charges a higher subscription rate but boasts partnerships with studios including Disney, which last week granted the streaming service exclusive rights to five popular children’s shows.

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