Amazon Introduces Out-Stream Video Ad Platform AVA

What: Cloud computing and e-commerce marketing company Amazon is rolling out the latest ad tech platform Amazon Video Ads (AVA). Advertisers working with the Amazon Media Group can now directly place video ads using AVA, which is labeled as the go-to video ad platform for advertisers focusing on e-commerce clients.
Why it matters: Video advertising is growing in leaps and bounds, but it has not yet been heavily used in e-commerce environments with performance oriented objectives (rather than branding).

Amazon Video Ads allows advertisers to place targeted video ads on Amazon website and mobile apps, combining brand messages and out-steam auto-play video ads for a disruption-free customer experience. Built to meet the growing demands for mobile-first video ad tech platform, AVA i integrates with Amazon’s performance-based media platforms, including Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Dynamic eCommerce Ads. Using AVA, video advertisers will be able to tie upper funnel media investment directly into lower funnel sales activation.

Amazon Video Ads will automatically play a ‘muted’ preview of the video ad for one-second, though it will be 50% visible on the screen.For advertisers, AVA will support short video clips that are not more than 15 seconds long and delivers the core of the message within the first 5 seconds of auto-play. Advertisers can choose a video player of any size depending on the size of the ad placement.

AVA is currently offered to advertisers in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, and Germany. It will be offered as an extended service through Amazon Web Services (AWS).