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Portada's staff presents the complete coverage of FORO MÉXICO PORTADA DE PUBLICIDAD Y MEDIOS 2013.


Portada’s staff presents the complete coverage of FORO MÉXICO PORTADA DE PUBLICIDAD Y MEDIOS 2013.

This event featured prominent speakers such as Pedro Huerta, Director, Kindle Content at Amazon; Antonio Ortiz, Chief Content Officer, Head Strategist at Weblogs SL, and Olga Palombi, CEO at Social Media Americas SL. Some of the main topics addressed were the role of the digital world in content generation, what the advertising industry in Mexico can expect in 2014 and what can be expected for Brasil’s Worldcup in terms of ad opportunites.

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Expansion of Digital Content in the Latin World, Marketing and Advertising Trends Mexico 2014: #PortadaMexico13

Pedro Huerta on Digital Content: #PortadaMexico13

What does 2014 have in store for advertising and media? #PortadaMexico13

How will digital content revolutionize the Latin world? #PortadaMexico13

Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios 2013 – About #PortadaMexico13

The FORO MEXICO PORTADA in pics! Portada Foro Mexico Attendees

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