Manchester City Creates Facebook Messenger Online Game

What: Manchester City has released an interactive online game called “Football Striker,” available exclusively through Facebook Messenger.
Why it matters: Many games have grown in popularity as the use of Facebook Messenger increases, leading to Manchester City deciding to enter the arena.

Manchester City has released an interactive online game called “Football Striker”. The game, available exclusively through Facebook Messenger, gives the club a unique vantage point to interact with fans.

Manchester City is using “Football Striker” in a way where fans can play against each other on their Facebook Profiles. Facebook Messenger is an adjacent property of Facebook that houses all direct messages between profiles. Through the application, users can play a variety of games. Many of these games have grown in popularity as the use of Facebook Messenger increases, leading to Manchester City deciding to enter the arena.

Additionally, fans and players of the game can share their high scores directly to their profile. Because the game is housed through Facebook, the connectivity between the game and the social media site is very strong. Manchester City could reap in the benefits of creating a community of users and fans that all enjoy their team and the online game. Additionally, users on the Messenger App can send an invite to another user in almost no time. This makes sharing the game very easy, and will help it gain traction quickly. In the near future, we could see other clubs use their example as a reason to break into the online game arena.

Social Media Connectivity 

When I played the game, I found it almost addicting. The goal of the game is to head or kick the ball with a player who is running forward. Once the ball reaches a small zone next to your player, you then hit the blast the ball away. The game is quick, fun, and gets harder as you go. I thought that it was easy to use on both mobile devices and laptops. Anyone can play the game at anytime on their phone with just a few taps. As a result, the game is accessible, easy to use, and helps keep players engaged over time.

In terms of producing the game, Gamee, a social media gaming platform, partnered with Manchester City to release the game earlier this month. Gamee is also going to benefit greatly from the partnership.  They have now helped a Premier League Team enter a new environment in which both parties can success financially in the future. Also, Manchester City is starting to build up a reputation as one of the most technologically savvy Premier League soccer teams. They started working in Facebook Messenger and even virtual reality in 2016. Soon, we could see Manchester City and other Premier League teams marketing their upcoming games that will also be available in VR.

Overall, it is an exciting time for technology in soccer. The 2018 FIFA World Cup will feature improved replay technology to aid in important goal calls. More and more teams are looking into VR investments. This is a great time to be interested in sports technology, and there are no signs it is slowing down anytime soon.