‘La Vida Baseball’ Launches to Connect Fans with the Sport’s Latin Roots

What: Baseball fans will now have access to an online portal that specializes in the impact of the Latino community on baseball’s past, present and future. In alliance with The National Baseball Hall of Fame, La Vida Baseball will focus on what makes baseball an integral part of the Latino experience.
Why It Matters: La Vida Baseball will be the first one to bring the Hall of Fame’s sights, sounds and stories to an audience beyond Cooperstown through short- and long-form storytelling.

Starting today, March 1, the internet will welcome a new portal that focuses solely on baseball: La Vida Baseball (lavidabaseball.com). But, what makes this new site different from what is already out there?

NBHOFIn an official partnership with The National Baseball Hall of Fame, La Vida Baseball will focus on Latinos’ — both players and fans — connection to baseball, and bring them the Hall of Fame’s sights, sounds and stories.

“It is a media property that is going to celebrate the passion for the game that is uniquely Latino, more than digging into it by publishing game scores and events. We are not going to compete with ESPNs and Foxs in letting you know who won, and so on,” explained Henry Pacheco, a digital and social editor at La Vida Baseball, during an exclusive interview with Portada.

Henry Pacheco profile photo
Henry Pacheco, digital and social editor at La Vida Baseball.

Among the editorial content on La Vida Baseball will be pieces that take a close look at Latino players’ lives off and on the baseball diamond. Through long and short stories as well as videos and social content, the new site will share stories about what kind of music their favorite players listen to, what restaurants they recommend for eating out, and the parts of life in the United States that help them feel connected to back home.

“The Hall of Fame’s new partnership with La Vida Baseball will connect U.S. Latino baseball fans to Cooperstown while bringing the stories of the heroes of the game to new audiences around the world,” said Jeff Idelson, president of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

La Vida Baseball will run on its own website, but also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. “We want to talk about the culture within the game, specifically through a Latino lens,” ads Pacheco.

“Latinos share this sport no matter if they are from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico or another Latin country. This history goes back 100 years and we all live it today,” said Editor-In-Chief Dr. Adrian Burgos, Jr. to Portada.

Many outside of sports marketing might assume that most multicultural brands reach Hispanic-Americans through the sport of soccer. But according to La Vida Baseball‘s research, baseball is quickly rising in popularity, and is already the second most-popular sport in the demographic.

ESPN told last year that 60% of U.S.-Latinos self-identity as baseball fans.

Last year, ESPN reported that 60% of U.S.-Latinos self-identity as baseball fans. It is very common to find Latinos cheering for the teams where their compatriots play.

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Adrian profile photo
Dr. Adrian Burgos, Jr., Editor-In-Chief

“It’s about the passion of the players and fans. Baseball is a family for so much people. It is a connection to your own family. It shows you how to be a Latino baseball fan,” added Burgos, Jr.

Given that Hispanic-Americans prefer to consume social media and news in English, according to the editors, the site will publish all its stories in this language. Although there aren’t any plans to make a bilingual media, if readers and fans ask for it, La Vida Baseball isn’t closed to expanding towards Spanish content. The portal will be monetized through sponsorships and was also launched through private equity.

According to the editors, multicultural brands are looking for an alternative to reaching Hispanic fans through soccer. NASCAR and boxing are popular in the demographic, but baseball is far more popular, they say. The editorial team is looking forward to collaborating with different brands for sponsorships of branded content and other custom content solutions.

La Vida BaseballThe marketing team is looking for the right partners. “We are not going to look like a NASCAR car that is covered in brands; we are looking for the right strategic partners,” said Burgos, Jr.

Although La Vida Baseball will just be launched, its main challenge will be to survive out there. “Many Latino media sites are shutting down,” Pacheco admitted. Such was the case of La Flama and Soccer Latino.

But Pacheco believes that won’t happen to them. “Those other sites where too general. La Vida is very niche specific through baseball.”