Champions and Europa League Finals Set for Same Week

What: Starting 2019 season, the Champions League and Europa League will play their final match on the same week.
Why it matters: With this move fans and brands will get one week of intense prime football content.

Yesterday, UEFA’s executive committee decided to make some changes to the Champions and Europa League’s calendar. Starting its 2019 season, both leagues will play their final game on the same week, at least until 2021.

The main goal for doing this was the Europa League final to be played after the domestic season’s end. What won’t change is that each final will be played in a different stadium, and city.

This season the Europa League final will be held at Stockholm’s Friends Arena on Wednesday, May 24. The Champions League final will be played ten day later, on Saturday, June 3, at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.

For 2019, dates have already been scheduled. The Europa League final will be played on Wednesday, May 29 and the Champions League final on Saturday, June 1, three days later.