AT&T and The Marketing Arm Are the Grand Golazo Award Winners


After presenting the”Expresa tu Pasion” campaign before Portada’s award jury, and defending its marketing strategy, AT&T/The Marketing Arm was named the winner of the Golazo Awards, and winner of the Golazo People’s Choice Award.

During Portada’s Sports Marketing Forum at the Yotel hotel in New York, Inter Milan/Gravity, Audi/FC Bayern Munich, and AT& T/The Marketing Arm defended their campaigns before a panel of three sports marketing experts, in a bid to become the winner of Portada’s Golazo Awards.

The jury included Dan Donnelly, EVP, Managing Director, Publicis Media Sports; Nick Kelly, Senior Director, Sports Marketing, Anheuser-Busch; and Michael Neuman, EVP, Managing Partner, Scout Sports, and Entertainment.

After listening to each of the finalists’ presentations, the jurors questioned the representatives of each campaign in search of the best answers.

The jury exchanged ideas and deliberated for a few minutes, then unanimously decided that the winner of the Golazo Awards is AT&T/The Marketing Arm.

“All three programs were very memorable, and they all had a very compelling and unique objective. But the one we felt was more complete and felt true to the objectives was AT&T”, explained judge Michael Neuman.

“When you truly deliver something that resonates with the consumer based on his believes and also connects with the brand and consumer in a meaningful way it really pays out,” said Marcelo Salinas, Account Director The Marketing Arm.

In addition, on Wednesday, September 6, Portada opened the voting on its website for people to choose their favorite campaign. We shared the campaign videos of each of the three finalists through our social networks, inviting readers and followers to participate in the vote.

With more than 400 votes, AT&T and The Marketing Arm were crowned the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

With more than 400 votes, AT&T and The Marketing Arm were crowned the winner of the People’s Choice Award.

These were the campaign finalists and their on-stage representatives:

  • AT&T/MNT/The Marketing Arm
    Presented by: 
    Marcelo Salinas, Account Director The Marketing Arm, and Tricia Bean, Lead Marketing Manager Hispanic Sponsorships and TV Content, AT&T
    In efforts to connect with Hispanic Millennials, The Marketing Arm (TMA) launched the Expresa Tu Pasión soccer campaign, a collaboration between AT&T and the Mexican National Soccer Team (MNT). This campaign engaged Hispanic Millennials, both socially and in the real world through exclusive experiences and activations.
  • “My Inter Jersey” / Gravity
    Represented by:
    Rohan June, Account Director, Gravity Media
    Description: Fans of Inter love to wear their team colors loudly and proudly. Digital natives enjoy generating their own content, especially if they can put their name on it. Our goal was to drive awareness and sales of the new Inter Milan jersey by Nike.
  • Audi Summer Tour/FC Bayern Munich LLC
    Presented by: Benno Ruwe,
    Head of Partnerships, Bayern Munich
    Description: The 2016 U.S. Audi Summer Tour campaign gave fans that haven’t been to Munich the chance to see their team on home soil. Charlotte, Chicago, and New York appealed to general sports and soccer fans, including the large Hispanic Bayern fanbase and population there.
Feature Image: ( Dan Donenelly, Tricia Bean, Marcelo Salinas,
Michael Neuman, and Nick Kelly)