If you were a shark and I dropped you out of an airplane and into the Pacific Ocean, would I have to issue a warning to all swimmers that they shouldn't go to the beach because there is a shark in the ocean? (Do I really need to answer that question for you?) You would undoubtedly, think me crazy for even giving thought to such a warning. After all, there are millions of sharks in the ocean. What difference would one more make?

However, if I dropped you out of an airplane and into a pond (assuming of course that you could survive in fresh water), what do you think about my warning now? My concern would be only the beginning. There would be a national news story on your "big splash", wouldn't there? Local residents would be interviewed sharing how they are terrified to even go near the pond. Your swim would create quite the controversy, to be sure.

The analogy is a good one and really sheds understanding on one of the most unique but critical parts of effective radio advertising in a recession or for that matter, radio advertising in any economic situation that we find ourselves in.

Being a big fish in a small pond allows you to capture audiences big enough for you to benefit by yet small enough for you to handle. I often ask my clients what market if dominated would bring the greatest return? It's a question that few advertisers ask but the successful one's understand without exception. Take a radio audience that reaches your target customer and make sure that you are the most prolific advertiser among your competitors and you will go a long way to achieving the kind of radio advertising success that you are looking for. Remember the shark in the pond, and good radio makes more sense.

Tim Calcara is the President of Giving Media whose mission is to inspire and equip Christian broadcasters to embrace new technologies to serve their communities better. Tim has been married to Marilyn since 1977. They have raised six children and reside in Marion, Iowa.

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