Research: Venezuela has over 4.6 million pay TV subscribers

With a market of over 490 TV signals, including 26 in high definition, Venezuela ended 2012 with more than 4,609,000 subscribers and a penetration rate of 62.6%, according to a Business Bureau report.

Fifty-three percent of subscribers show a trend toward digitalization, with more than 2,428,000 subscribers opting for that format. In addition, 41% of the country’s subscribers choose to use satellite services, which reach approximately 1,870,000 households.

Graphic Translation:  4.61 million subscribers – +2.73 million cable subscribers – +2.42 million digital subscribers – +1.87 million satellite subscribers +2.42 million analogic subscribers.
More than 490 signals available – 466 in standard definition – 66 in high definition – 632,000 “Pirate” users – 62.6 Pay TV penetration – 13% Underreporting – 14% Piracy

Market piracy and underreporting

The report also mentions piracy in this market, since Venezuela has 632,000 “pirate” users or 14% of the country’s pay TV subscriber total. This irregularity affects cable television companies, who suffer decreased earnings as a result.
The study also indicates that 13% of all subscribers are not reported by the cable operators themselves. This percentage is equivalent to 525,000 non-official subscribers, constituting underreporting in the market.
Future of the market

Regarding the sector’s outlook, the report says that the number of paid subscribers in Venezuela will reach 5.663 million by 2016, while the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) will be 13.01% for the 2011-2016 period, with penetration estimated at 72.25%.
Meeting these expectations will depend on a combination of several factors, according to the survey, including new market players, government regulations, an increase or decrease in the country’s employment rate, the evolution of its GDP, and the emergence and adoption of non-linear communications media, among others.

Graphic Translation:
Forecast through 2016 Subscriber Growth Venezuela (2005-2016): 1.05 million New subscribers in 2016 – 72.3% TV penetration in 2016 – 13.01% (Compounded annual growth rate)  Pay TV market growth (2011-2016).
Source: Business Bureau states that their figures are drawn from an analysis of the household penetration strategy, plus the cable operators and programmers own official data and their reported financial statements.

Translated by Candice Carmel