Our 4th Annual Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios (#PortadaMex), was held yesterday in the Hotel Presidente InterContinental in Mexico City, where over 100 marketing and advertising experts discussed global trends in mobile and programmatic buying.

EVENTOmexico_AD“More than 50 percent of digital advertising In USA is developed through programmatic buying,” said Marcos Baer, publisher of Portada, to welcome over a hundred marketing and advertising professional to the Foro Mexico de Publicidad y Medios (#PortadaMex).

Trends in the use of mobile and programmatic buying, which currently are the macro trends to follow, were among the many topics discussed at the #PortadaMex, sponsored by StartMeApp, History Channel, Ariadna, Yume and OCC Mundial.

Both subjects are part of what has been identified as “the revolution of mobile marketing” and the role new tools play, applied to mobile advertising.

Main speakers who participated in the Forum are:

  • Lorenzo Ruiz, Director General, Tommy Hilfiger Mexico
  • Jorge Inda Meza, Marketing Director Corona, Grupo Modelo
  • Eduardo Alvarez Franyutti, Group Manager, Personal Care (P&G)
  • Leonardo Zuniga, Business Group Manager Automotive, After Market Division, 3M
  •  Javier Salas Rodriguez,Digital Acquisition Marketing Manager, American Express
  •  Cesar Colletti, VP Marketing, History Channel
  • Alejandro Campos Carles ,CEO, StartmeApp
  • Farah Fuentes Bonilla, Retail Manager, Castrol
  • Lucas Mentasti ,Managing Director Latin America, Xaxis … and many more!

Download the Agenda here!


Portada Staff

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