How can we reach millennials through online video? This was the overall theme of the panel moderated by Bob Oliva, business development director of Portada, and made up of Jorg Nowak, Head of Latin America and US Hispanics, YuMe; Maximiliano Vaccaro, Director- Digital Media Latin America – Brazil and US Hispanics, Discovery Networks; and Noel Gladstone, VP Research and Consumer Insights, Viacom International Networks. 

Nowak.YuMe_-156x156Jorg Nowak, Head of Latin America and US Hispanics, YuMe, expressed the view that “you have to follow the audience; you have to be able to serve them in all platforms.” Nowak added that before we know it the “big screen” will surely be part of the digital matrix.

“At YuMe we no longer talk about campaigns for VC video, TV or mobile; we talk about video campaigns,” and “no longer talk about video campaigns in each platform.” Nowak said the time has come, in fact, to pose the question once again: “Which is the ‘first screen?’ Is it still TV?”

mvFor his part, Maximiliano Vaccaro, Director- Digital Media Latin America – Brazil and US Hispanics, Discovery Networks, maintained that when it comes to thinking about the production of video content for millennials, “this has to be done in a way that’s really different from content production for other age groups.” “Millennials are everywhere, but not so much on TV.” “For millennials, technology is organic, they’re not ‘early adopters’,” Vaccaro said.

We seek to create an ecosystem that means a simple experience on multiple screens

“The question we ask ourselves is how can we understand the cycle of each video, and not just focus on the production of video content,” Vaccaro added. “Not just creating content – but having tools for looking at the content’s behavior.”

With regard to the production of content, he said “you have to be king” in terms of quality, given that these days everybody can “create quality content on YouTube.”

Creating an ecosystem, creating multi-screen experiences, it’s not about YouTube, or about mobile, it’s how to tell a story and be king in that realm

Vaccaro added: “We’re all learning about integrating screens,” but “we’re moving slower than the video market.” “For media companies, as well as metrics companies like Ibope, Comscore, etc.,” he stated, “it’s a challenge to measure up to the development of the market.”

Noel Gladstone, VP Research and Consumer Insights, Viacom International Networks, highlighted the importance of online video, noting that “the way we watch TV is changing, it’s not a novelty.” Gladstone remarked that “The audience still loves TV, so what millennials are looking for is a multi-screen experience.” “The challenge now,” he pointed out, “is to measure video engagement.”

The 7th Annual Portada Latam Advertising and Media Summit will take place on June 4 and 5 2015 in Miami


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