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@Latin Content Forum: When Coca-Cola & NatGeo Came Together


Ramiro Prudencio, President & CEO of Burson Marsteller, Latin America, Mariano Moro, senior integrated marketing communications manager of Coca-Cola and Fernando Semenzato, VP Content, Fox International,

Coca-Cola and Fox International’s NatGeo Mundo were at hand Tuesday morning to present insights behind Viviendo Positivamente (Living Positively,) a series of four documentaries produced in Latin America that aired on the National Geographic Channel and included exclusive branded content by Coca-Cola.

Mariano Moro, senior integrated marketing communications manager of Coca-Cola, kicked off the conversation by describing how Coca-Cola approaches the so-called content marketing, because its definition really varies depending on where you look at it.

“For us here at Coca-Cola, content marketing started by the need of trying to better integrate a brand to a content that has already been created,” said Moro. “But then, because of social media and new tech tools available, content marketing became more about co-creation.”

“We had so much in common [with Coca Cola] that NatGeo decided it was ideal for the channel,” recalls Fernando Semenzato, VP Content, Fox International.

This co-creation gave life to Viviendo Positivamente (Living Positively) which in addition to the television show had a strong presence on social media, generating more than 5 million ‘likes’ on a specially designed page on Facebook.

Programs like Viviendo Positivamente have their challenges for a brand like Coca-Cola, though. “Control is something very serious,” said Moro. “Coca Cola is very careful about its brand, especially when it’s being touched by a third party. Yet, we let creatives do their job. “Every time we participated, we were leaning towards the commercial.”

The documentaries were well received by TV audiences, but how does Coca Cola measure ROI? How to measure the success -or not- of a branded program like the one Coca-Cola did with NatGeo?

“In the case of Coca Cola, I can tell you the model is not perfect, but we do a brand impact analysis,” added Moro. In this case, the company selected a group of attributes it wanted to highlight, and then measured the impact of the image of Coca Cola on the several communities. “ROI is not looked specifically in terms of dollars and cents, but if it moves the indicators, it is worth it.”

The panel, moderated by Ramiro Prudencio, President & CEO of Burson Marsteller, Latin America, was conducted entirely in Spanish.

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