Fernando Maroniene, Senior Marketing Manager, Adobe Systems Latin America

Fernando Marionene 3x4 (547x640)Fernando Maroniene heads Adobe Systems’marketing team in Latin America. His responsibilities include planning, implementation, and monitoring of go-to-market communications and activities as needed by company sales teams, to increase brand awareness and drive demand generation.

Maroniene brings over 15 years of experience in marketing and business development, having held various management positions in multinational companies. He has strong analytical and strategic planning skills, as well as extensive experience in leading multinational teams.  He previously worked at Hewlett Packard for 10 years, where he held various positions in Latin America, including head of Multi-Country Area Marketing, LATAM Consumer Notebooks product manager, and Brazil Consumer and SMB Marketing manager.

Interview with Fernando Maroniene

Portada:  Tells us about your professional background and why you like to work in and with Latin America?

Fernando Maroniene: My professional background is unique. I’m actually graduated in Industrial Design, and started my career as an office furniture designer. Soon I have incorporated some activities such as trade shows organization, collaterals production, packaging, advertising, Point of Sales ambience, and expanded my role to product management and marketing. Design actually gave me the base for marketing, and I still use some fundamentals of Design such as project management, strategic thinking and creative approach to a specific need or situation. I complemented my professional journey with a 15+ years marketing career in different companies such as Steelcase (office furniture), Hewlett Packard and, since July 2011, at Adobe. Funny is that Adobe is a company that currently target Creative designers and Marketers, so I’m in the perfect company for my background!
Latin America came as a natural development as a professional since my first job in my home country, Brazil. What I enjoy the most is the opportunity to meet the differences and nuances from each country, and recognize that we are not as much as different from one country to another… as much as Argentinians and Brazilians want to say that they are different, I find more similarities than differences in both countries.

Portada: What do you like about Miami as a place to do business

Fernando Maroniene: Miami is a great place to live and do business, especially if you have Latin America responsibilities. Most of Latin America multinationals HQ is based in Miami… so we are often in touch with our peers. Also, Miami is the US gateway for LATAM… we are not much far from countries like Mexico and Colombia, and at the same time we are closer to our US based Corporate Headquarters. That’s important as 50% of my travel is field related (Countries) and 50% is Corporate related (US, San Jose-CA in the case of Adobe), not to mention trainings and events all over the US, such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and New York.