Issue 54. Q2 2014

  • DESPERATELY SEEKING LATINA HOUSEWIVES: Properties that reach and engage Hispanic women are going to be the big winners in the U.S. media space to come. The crucial role of digital contentv.Plus, why no one has successful reached the acculturated Latina yet and what media buyers have to say.
  • INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The secrets of Hispanic Business Success for Don Salazar, presi- dent and CEO of Creative Times, Inc. And USHCC Board Member.
  • SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT-2014 SOCCER MARKETING GUIDE: All you need to know about the all-important role of Soccer Marketing to target the Hispanic and general U.S. population. The upcoming 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brazil: The 5 most marketable players in the World, The top media properties, detailed information on key sponsorships and much more…
  • SOUNDING OFF: The gist of Thought Leadership Columns by
Alain Portmann, Dr. Felipe Korzenny, Martin Kogan and Daisy Expósito-Ulla. (page 8)
  • NEWS AND TRENDS: AT&T to charge content providers for mobile data, Comcast to buy rival Time Warner Cable, will the FCC allow it? Total Market approach: Do we risk oversimplification? Hemisphe- re Media buys 3 Hispanic Cable TV Networks, Online Video Market gets hotter: mitú , partners with AOL, Turn raises US $80 million. Radioshack repositions brand, Global Digital Media Agency expands into Latin markets (page 10).
  • RESEARCH: Why Marketers are still very far from using mobile effectively (page 21)

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