U.S. Hispanic Online Video Viewer Rankings: 4 Things to Know

We recently looked into the ranking of the top 10 sites most visited by U.S. Hispanics. Very important to understand the evolution of the digital media sector is also to analyze what properties attract the majority of Hispanic online video viewers. Online video consumption is already higher than TV consumption for many segments of the Hispanic demographic. And marketers are increasingly their video advertising allocations in a big way. Online Video pricing, much higher than display advertising, reflects substantial demand of advertisers in this vehicle. 4 things to keep in mind.

Hispanic Online VideoBelow are the top ten properties with most unique Hispanic users in the U.S. Hispanic market. Google leads with approximately twice as many unique viewers than Facebook. As it is well known, Google properties include Youtube, by far the leader in online video.

1.Music Reigns

Music videos are extremely popular among U.S. Hispanics. Among the top ten properties are the following two exclusively music oriented ones: Vevo, which offers music videos from two of the “big three” major record labels, UMG and SME, and Warner Music. Among the top 10 YouTube partners most watched by Hispanics (see second ranking below) pure music plays are also in leading positions.


2. Youtube Competitors, Facebook Looms

In Europe, video sharing site DailyMotion, of which earlier this year an 80pc stake was acquired by Vivendi, is a relatively large competitor to Youtube (BTW: DailyMotion recently opened a U.S. Hispanic and Latin American unit). In the U.S. Hispanic market however, YouTube is by far the most dominant site, although that primacy has lately been challenged somewhat by Facebook. Other competitors among the top 10 properties in Hispanic online video views include Yahoo, ABC Digital and Microsoft.Video sharing and hosting site Vimeo is number 7 in the ranking and another direct YouTube competitor. (Other top ranked companies like Vevo, Maker Studios, Warner Music and Fullscreen are important Youtube partners as they host the majority of their videos on YouTube and share their revenues with YouTube; YouTube generally takes 45 percent of all revenue generated from ads).

Still Google’s Game

Source: comScore Video Metrix, United States, Hispanic All, October 2015, PC/Laptop Only Total Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet: Hispanic All 25.120
Top 10 Video Properties
1 Google Sites 22.398
2 Facebook 11.496
3 VEVO 6.811
4 Yahoo Sites 6.382
5 Maker Studios Inc. 6.148
6 Warner Music 5.720
7 Vimeo 5.388
8 ABC Digital 4.484
9 Microsoft Sites 3.941
10 Fullscreen 3.859


3. Caveat: Hispanics Clearly Over index in Mobile Video Consumption

Mobile videos
Mobile videos

It has to be pointed out that the below ComScore rankings do not measure mobile. Mobile video views rose by 95% annually to account for 41% for all online video views in Q1 2015, according to Ooyala (a video technology company). In addition, the share of mobile devices in online video views is forecast to reach 50% by the end of 2015. Hispanics clearly over index in mobile video consumption (Take into account that among Hispanics, 21% of digital media users are mobile-only, compared to just 9% among Non-Hispanics).

4. YouTube Partners. Differences between Hispanic Partners and Non-Hispanic Partners

With Youtube being by far the most visited video property by U.S. Hispanics (and non-U.S. Hispanics), another way to find out what is popular content among U.S. Hispanics is to compare the overall U.S. Top-Ten YouTube partner ranking (the so-called MCN’s)  with the Hispanic specific one (see in brackets the position each property occupies in the general market ranking). Interestingly, The Top 10 Video partners are exactly the same, but music oriented are higher in Hispanic see brackets. While Maker Studios leads the general market ranking, the Hispanic ranking is led by UMG & YouTube, (Universal Music Group) followed by VEVO. Both UMG and VEVO are 100% music properties. As noted above (point 1), the popularity of music video is even higher among U.S. Hispanics than among the general market population (also reflected in the high proportion of Hispanics in Internet radio properties’ audiences).
5 pure music plays are prominently positioned among the top 10: UMG @ YouTube, VEVO @ YouTube, SonyBMG @ YouTube, Warner Music @ YouTube and The Orchard @ YouTube. The remaining top ten players being Maker, Quiz Group, BroadbandTV and Machinima and ZEFR (which recently expanded into the Hispanic market).

Music Again

Source: Video Metrix, October 2015, United States, Hispanic All, Home and Work, YouTube Partners Report Total Unique Viewers (000)
Total Internet: Hispanic All 25.120
1 UMG @ YouTube (2) 6.719
2 VEVO @ YouTube (3) 6.711
3 Disney/Maker Studios @ YouTube (1) 6.149
4 SonyBMG @ YouTube (5) 5.800
5 Warner Music @ YouTube (4) 5.720
6 The Orchard @ YouTube (8) 4.220
7 QuizGroup @ YouTube (6) 3.621
8 BroadbandTV @ YouTube (7) 3.462
9 Machinima @ YouTube (9) 3.226
10 ZEFR @ YouTube (9) 3.205


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