Research: Latinos More Receptive to Interactive Television Advertising

It's no surprise that Hispanic consumers, long over-indexing on most things online, digital and mobile, have been quick adopters of advanced television advertising. A new report from interactive television advertising firm BrightLine iTV reveals that Latinos are an untapped "super consumer" force.

The study examined Latinos' media consumption habits, especially as they relate to interactive television advertising. The results show a greater propensity to engage with media technology than that seen among non-Hispanic consumers.

"The Hispanic market is an increasingly important segment to prioritize," says Rob Askman, co-founder of BrightLine iTV. "Although marketers are starting to take notice of the buying power of the Hispanic consumer, it's still under-tapped by many."

As advertisers seek new and novel ways to connect with Latino consumers, the insights gleaned by BrightLine are encouraging. Combining Hispanics' heavy usage with the reach of advanced television has created the optimal conditions for leveraging interactive television marketing, notes Askman.

Among the findings:

– Hispanics click iTV advertising at twice the rate that non-Latinos do

– On average, Latinos spend two-and-a-half minutes with branded content on iTV ads versus the 30 seconds of a traditional television spot

– Hispanic audiences are comfortable with responding to advanced television advertising via mobile text messaging.

"The click rates opened everyone's eyes," says Askman, BrightLine's executive vice president, client management and experience design. Described as anything that's more advanced than a traditional 30-second commercial, interactive television advertising asks that consumers use their remote control to click through and access additional information.

It might be a discount coupon, a sweepstakes offer, an interview with a celebrity, or exclusive music content that later requires voting for the favored artist. "When you click, you're taken to a branded destination on television," says Askman. "It looks like a branded DVD interface."

In conclusion, substantial findings reinforce the notion that nowhere is the broader trend of Hispanic's un-tapped advertising potential more notable than in advanced TV advertising, where only a handful of marketers are spending.

The findings send out a clear message to marketers, especially those looking boost awareness and engagement among Latinos but are still unsure of what media vehicles to use to best reach Hispanics.

The 30 second commercial provides the brand awareness and urges consumers to click, that's where the engagement is added to the equation.