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What: CPG Giant Kraft is already leveraging the vast amount of data it has through a data management platform (DMP) and programmatic advertising. The programmatic push includes efforts to reach the Hispanic consumer, Portada has learned.
Why it matters: Programmatic Trading and DMPs are rapidly gaining traction in the digital media market.

Kraft has an impressive CRM system, it includes the Hispanic marketing program Comida y Familia . The CPG giant is now turning all that data of customer interaction into a programmatic and data-centric marketing program. That is what  Bob Rupczynski, VP of media, data and CRM at Kraft Foods, said at the recent Forrester’s Forum for Marketing Leaders.

Rupczynski outlined Kraft’s strategy for leveraging the CPG company’s vast customer data through a data management platform (DMP) and programmatic advertising. “Through our meals, recipes and videos, we have about a billion interactions with consumers every year,” Rupczynski said. According to Adexchanger, Kraft turned to the media agency Starcom and DMP provider Turn, to help it gain and leverage insights from its customer data. In addition to having a comprehensive view of its customers, the company’s goals included delivering more relevant messages, optimizing its media buying decisions in real-time and attributing sales to impressions at the store level.

Hispanic component

Programmatic BuyingPortada asked Starcom Media Vest, Kraft’s media agency, whether the effort also includes the Hispanic market: “This approach  is inclusive of Hispanic and our multicultural team is involved.”Marla Skiko, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation at SMG Multicultural. Skiko is a supporter of programmatic buying as an efficient tool to reach the Hispanic consumer.  “Programmatic buying opens up the opportunity for us to reach multicultural audiences efficiently and effectively. For one, it helps automate a labor intensive buying process. More importantly, it is anchored in using data to identify and connect with specific audiences such that we can tailor messaging at scale to intended multicultural consumers across the digital space.”

Is good multicultural data difficult to find?

“Finding partners with the right data is crucial since good multicultural data is the key to growing the programmatic space for our buys,” Skiko notes. In many ways data is the fuel that drives the Digital Marketing machine. The key question is how to get data as client side marketers often do not want to relinquish data to third parties. Is good multicultural data difficult fo find? “Yes it sure is,” Skiko notes. “We spend a lot of time in our quest to mine first party data with our clients and vendor partners as that is typically preferred over third-party, ” she concludes.


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