FB’s Adriana Grineberg: “Don’t Leave Your Social Media Strategy to a Junior Executive”

What: Grinberg discusses how to best advertise on social media.
Why it Matters: Adriana Grineberg, Head of Operations Miami for Facebook, Carlos Leal, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager at Nestlé and Alfonso Cueto, Sr. Director Ad-Sales Latin America for ESPN, spoke at #PortadaLat in Miami.

The thing about ads on social media, explained Adriana Grineberg, Head of Operations Miami for Facebook, is that users are not there to see them. They enter their profiles to see what is going on with their friends and update themselves on things that they have decided are important to them, and ads aren’t probably part of this.

And when finally an ad comes in, it has to compete with all the content that is already there, which makes the whole strategy even more complex. Content needs to be visual, attractive, interactive, and as appealing as the content it is competing against. “Great creative works on social media,” Grineberg said.

One of the problems she sees in the market is that many companies leave their social media strategy and execution to young junior employees because they believe that young people know how social media works, since they are in it all the time. But Grinberg believes that companies need someone with experience in planning and executing real marketing strategies.

Give them what they want

When building an ad campaign, “give the users what they want to see, and not what you want them to see,” said Carlos Leal, Sr. Consumer Marketing Manager at Nestlé.

Leal explained how marketers are storytellers, and that the importance of combining your discussion of your product’s functional elements with its emotional elements. Brands have to understand the concept of emotions, not just its characteristics, because the consumer will feel abused and annoyed.

Be careful when reaching out.

Also, be subtle when reaching out to the customer. “Make the message as subliminal as possible so it doesn’t feel invasive,” explained Alfonso Cueto, Sr. Director Ad-Sales Latin America for ESPN.

The power of sequencing ads

Something that has been working well on Facebook, explained Grineberg, is dividing the ads campaign into three phases where it first attracts the consumer through emotion, then goes on to explain the product’s function. In the third phase it goes to conversion. This way, you can target your content to consumers who actually want to receive that information, instead of giving all three phases to the audience at once

This works especially well with the men industry, she explained. “The conversion is amazing.”