VIDEO – Margie Bravo, Nestlé USA: “The Name of the Game Right Now is Growth”

Margie Bravo, Multicultural Marketing Manager at Nestlé USA, explained during Portada’s 11th Annual Multicultural Advertising and Media Conference, on September 14,  how brands need to embrace the multicultural consumer and understand how it is their responsibility to grow their brands organically.

During the The Future of Multicultural Marketing panel, Margie Bravo, Multicultural Marketing Manager at Nestlé USA, presented how the Swiss multinational is currently implementing sweeping changes to its marketing organization by incorporating multicultural insights into its marketing strategy, media, and budgeting for its billion dollar brands.

When talking to her, she explained how today growth is everything to the company, and how relevant the multicultural market is for that growth. As a brand, “you really need to understand the consumer, and understand how multicultural consumers are part of your brand and part of the growth of it.”

This is why every brand should include them in its marketing strategy. To do so, she continued, your best tool is analytics. “People don’t really understand where sales are coming from, and how each market makes you grow.”

Put short. She advises to “go for more because this [multicultural] market has a lot to give.”

Watch the full interview below.