What: We looked at the number of visitors at top websites to find out where Latin Americans (and particularly Mexicans) went searching for entertainment content in March 2018.
Why it matters: YouTube is the clear winner of the entertainment industry online for Latin Americans, and even more so for Mexicans.

When it comes to entertainment, consumers have a lot to choose from. In March 2018, Latin Americans went to a variety of sites providing not only videos and movies like Youtube and Netflix, but they also spent time looking for music, games, and general entertainment content in sites like MSN and Globo Entretenimiento.

Top 10 Entertainment Sites in Latin America, March 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop.Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience184,772
4Webedia Sites15,900
5Globo Entretenimiento14,812
6MSN Entertainment14,486
7R7 Diversao12,550
8UOL Entretenimiento11,915
9iTunes Software8,113
10Terra Entertainment7,577
[Source: comScore]
  • From the total amount of Latin Americans with an internet connection, 86.4% surfed the web looking for entertainment.
  • 79% of those users found the entertainment the looked for on YouTube, 2% more than the previous month.
  • Netflix was visited by 17.6% of users, almost 3% less than the previous month.
  • 11.9% of users went to Spotify looking for entertainment.
  • Webedia Sites and Globo Entretenimiento remain stable with 9.9% and 9.2% of users respectively.
  • 9% of users visited MSN Entertainent. 
  • R7 Diversao received 7.8% of visitors, in similar numbres, UOL Entretenimiento was seen by 7.4% of users.
  • 5% of visitors went to iTunes Software.
  • Terra Entertainment was visited by 4.7% of users.

Top 10 Entertainment Sites in Mexico, March 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop. All smartphones, All tablets.Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Total Audience68,613
4Warner Music11,859
6Cinepolis Sites7,017
7Comcast NBCUniversal5,864
8Azteca Internet5,745
[Source: comScore]
  • 92% of Mexicans with an internet connection visited entertainment websites in March.
  • For Mexicans, YouTube is the best entertainment option. 82.8% of internet users visited the website.
  • Spotify is still in the second position with 24.4% of visits.
  • 21.9% of users visited VEVO. 
  • Warner Music received 18.7% of visits.
  • In the fifth position, Netflix was used by 18.2% of visitors.
  • 11.1% of users visited Cinepolis Sites. 
  • 9.2% went to Comcast NBCUniversal.
  • Azteca Internet received 9% of visits.
  • TVNOTAS was seen by 8.3% of visitors.
  • Finally, 8.1% of users chose VIX.COM for entertainment.

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