Ordoñez Appointed VP Group Partner at UM’s Coca-Cola Connections Studio

Maria Fernanda Ordoñez has been appointed VP Group Partner, Portfolio Management at Coca-Cola Connections Studio at UM in New York City.

Ordoñez’s new position is a VP Partner Integrated Planning role working on the Coke trademark brands including Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life. “It is a total market planning role, not a multicultural role” Ordoñez tells Portada.

The Coke team at UM is called the Coca-Cola Connections Studio. The Coca Cola Connection Studio was set up by UM earlier this year to service all of Coca Cola’s media buying and planning needs in a similar way the agency had previously set up J3 for the Johnson & Johnson business.

It is a total market planning role, not a multicultural role.

Prior to her new role at Coca Cola Connections, Ordoñez worked as SVP Media Director, Identity, IPG/Media Brands, where she worked on different accounts including Merck, USPS, Exxon Mobile focusing on media planning across multiple channels. Prior to her engagment at Identiy, Ordoñez was VP Media Director, Red Fuse, part of Group M, (and before that at Siboney NYC 2010 – 2014). In both these agencies Ordoñez led comprehensive media plans for Colgate brands in the U.S.