Gravity has announced the arrival of multicultural strategist Xavier Turpin as Vice-President of Client Services and Strategy. In this role, Xavier will lead multicultural strategy for Gravity’s clients.

His analytical and structured approach, mixed with a deep understanding of the multicultural marketplace, has earned Xavier Turpin great respect and accolades within the advertising industry.

Xavier brings with him over 25 years of multicultural and diversity communications experience. He was named member of the ‘Multicultural Thought Leaders Circle’ by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)‘Top Marketer to Hispanic Audiences’ (twice) by Portada, and ‘Top Hispanic Market Thought Leader’ by

His experience and implementation of multicultural strategies have directly impacted the evolution of how brands reach diverse audiences. Prior to joining Gravity and as Director of Multicultural Marketing at Dunkin Donuts, Xavier revolutionized the company’s Total Market Practice throughout Dunkin’s marketing organization, creating a ‘Center of Excellence’ elevating the implementation of multicultural strategies and increasing the company’s ROI. Along with this, he has led emerging market initiatives for leading companies such as Bellota/Corona, Fiskars, Makita, and Vertis, just to name a few.

In his new role, Xavier will place a great focus on Gravity’s client General Motors’ multicultural and diversity initiatives.



Portada Staff

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