Brian Crotty is the New Chief Executive Officer at OMD Latin America

OMD Worldwide CEO, Florian Adamski, who was appointed last September, has named new leaders of Europe and Latin America.

OMD (Optimum Media Direction), an integrated communications agency derived from Omnicom and delivering media and marketing solutions worldwide, named a new CEO last September: Florian Adamski. Previously, he led operations in Germany during two years. Daryl Simm, CEO of Omnicom Media Group, appointed 40-year-old Adamski because of his fresh and innovative perspective on marketing. 
Only four months later, Adamski has shown the first step of his new strategy for OMD. He has created two new chief executive positions, one for Europe and the other for Latin America, to be filled by Guy Marks and Brian Crotty respectively. According to Adamski, media agencies need “fresh, new disruptive thinking,” and Marks and Crotty “reflect a new type of both leadership and skillset”.
In an interview with Campaign, he said  “We need to heavily ramp up our ability to deliver business outcomes, rather than media outcomes, and to develop our capability in evidence-based marketing. We need to empower our people in technology and artificial intelligence to make media more efficient and transparent.”