Barbara Miller Appointed VP Sales and Marketing at FLUVIP

Barbara Miller has been appointed VP of Sales and Marketing at FLUVIP. Here new role and responsibilities include helping FLUVIP continue to expand into the U.S. Marketplace.
Miller tells Portada that FLUVIP is the leader in Latin America in the Influencer Marketing space, and we have the capabilities to develop both the US Hispanic as well as the Total Market space.
FLUVIP was launched almost five years ago and now has nine sales and operations offices throughout Latin America and the U.S. Cisneros Interactive and Cisneros Media are partners in FLUVIP.
“There are many great things about FLUVIP, such as the passion, dedication and vision shown by the leadership, but in summary our proprietary technology offers a solution to brands and content creators alike in an innovative and streamlined manner,” Miller tells Portada. Previously in her career Miller worked in companies including Latina, Visible Measures and Batanga.[ctahcb]