Breaking Ads Mobile US Hispanics: Mc Donalds, Olay and FilmDistrict :: Premium Content ::

Portada and Media Economics Group are happy to present a new selection of Mobile campaigns in the US Hispanic Market.

Breaking Ads Mobile US Hispanics analyze today a new selection of mobile campaigns featured beetwen the 15th February and 2nd March.

These are the digital campaigns from Olay, Mc Donalds and FilmDistrict.

Note: campaigns also may have appeared on non-mobile websites.



Landing page


Advertiser: Procter & Gamble

Campaign: “Facial Hair Removal Duo”

Language: Spanish

Description: Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo mobile campaign; mobile landing page “Verdad o Mito” interactive Q&A’s

Sites: Univision Movil (

Server: mydas.mobil (Millenial Media “Mydas”)











Landing page FilmDistrict Distribution, LLC

Campaign: “Dead Man Down” Movie

Language: Spanish

Description: Dead Man Down movie starring Colin Farrell and premiering March 8th.  Spanish-language landing page (below) features trailer video.

Sites: ESPN Deportes Mobile (

Server: (DoubleClick)












Landing page

mc.donalds.landingAdvertiser: McDonalds, Inc.

Campaign: “Fish McBites”

Language: English (Web in Spanish)

Description:  Mobile ad campaign for new “Fish McBites”; Spanish-language landing page (below) features video.

Sites: Portatil, Telemundo Movil, Mobile en Espanol, Univision Movil

Server: (DoubleClick), (AdMarvel), (Vdopia)











Source: Media Economics Group. For more information: 1 (704) 841-2030.