Spain’s El Pais and El Mundo Enhance Online Content

Spain's two preeminent newspapers, El Pais and El Mundo have announced separate initiatives to attract readers to their online destinations.

El Pais recently launched 24 Horas, a constantly updated internet supplement to the newspaper's print edition. The move is seen as a two-fold effort aimed at increasing web traffic and also at curbing competition from Spain's growing free newspaper market. The paper is hoping that by being able to download and print 24 Horas, consumers will choose this option for their morning commute over the sometimes cursory coverage offered by the free papers.

El Mundo, which is already well-established on the internet as one of the world's most popular Spanish-language news sites, is partnering with Google Maps to increase user capabilities on their website. The service already is quite common among American websites and is used to visually portray the location of a restaurant or business.