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Sales Leads: Volvo Mexico, Honda Argentina, Cementos Fortaleza…


A summary for Media Sales Executives and Advertising Agencies to see what clients are moving into the Latin American market and/or targeting Latin American consumers right now.

Volvo – Mexico ::: Honda – Argentina ::: Cementos Fortaleza – Mexico

  • Volvo :: Mexico

Volvo Auto de México has merged its marketing and sales departments. The new unit will be leaded by Leopoldo Vaca.  Vaca has previously worked in the company as Operations and Sales Director. In Mexico, Soho Square is Volvo´s media agency and Méndez Group is in charge of Volvo´s public relations in the country.




  • Honda :: Argentina

Argentinean agency WTF produced two new campaigns for Honda Motor de Argentina. The campaign promotes Honda´s Argentinean brands NX4 Falcon and XR250 Tornado. The new spot will be aired on the country on TV and pay TV.




  • Cementos Fortaleza :: Mexico

Mexican agency Ideograma launched Cementos Fortaleza´s first advertising campaign. Cementos Fortaleza is the new Carlos Slim´s company. From February to June 2013 the campaign will be featured on TV, radio and press in a 48% of the budget. The rest will be invest in outdoor adverstising.

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